It is advisable that the extent of your medical aid cover is established before resuming therapy. Starting and then having to end therapy is very taxing emotionally and counter therapeutic. Therapy is a vulnerable-making process and abruptly ending it can undermine not only the gains achieved but also cause emotional harm. It is best to agree together on an end date and prepare for the actual ending as well as discuss future concerns.

This practice is not contracted into any medical aids. Accounts are submitted at the end of the month and payments should be made within the first week of the new month. Medical aid claims should be submitted after payment. Interest is charged on outstanding accounts.

Usually the psychotherapy is intense and long term so in some medical aid plans, special representations can be made for extra funding for therapy. For example, Cathy Rogers is accepted into Discovery Health’s Social worker network where some Discovery members can apply for extension of benefits cover.

There is a cost of living annual fee increase in January.

Money brings to any relationship complicated feelings. It is therefore important that when these feelings arise, like all feelings in therapy, that they are discussed and understood.